Vesoto artisan wine racks: Bringing wine craft into your home.

Vesoto artisan wine racks bring the beauty and skill of wine craftsmanship into your home.
We take our name from the age-old process used by the artisan wine makers of Valpolicella – our very own grandfathers – to make and store their wine.

Our grandfathers used open vertical barrels – simply and affectionately known as ‘vesoto’ in our dialect – to make the wine. They then bottled it, without labels, and stored them in long shelves made from local fir wood.

Vesoto translates this time-honoured tradition into a collection of modern and stylish wine racks for the home.

Handcrafted by artisans of the Amarone winemaking region, every piece is made from solid, sustainably sourced fir wood – the same wood our grandfathers would have used. Distinctive knots and grain variations enhance the beauty of this natural material and ensure no two wine racks are alike.

From origin to the place of enjoyment, Vesoto artisan wine racks celebrate the art of winemaking and enable you to store and transport your bottles stylishly and authentically.

The perfect gift for wine connoisseurs.